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Calender Girls

Ballet Girls - Gillian Taylor & Andrea Jeffrey with the Calendar girls Gaynor Faye 'Celia', Patricia Hodge 'Annie', Sian Phillips 'Jessie', Lynda Bellingham 'Chris', Elaine C Smith 'Cora' & Julia Hills 'Ruth' Ballet were delighted to be chosen to supply all the underwear for the theatre production of the Calendar Girls story, which features some the UK?s best known actresses including Lynda Bellingham, Gaynor Faye, Sian Phillips, Patricia Hodge and Elaine C. Smith. Most of the lingerie was chosen straight from our autumn/winter collection, although there are also a couple of ?nude? sets that we specially created to preserve the modesty of the actresses at pivotal points in the story! The production is now on a nationwide tour of major UK cities. For dates and locations of where to see the production of Calendar Girls please visit